Add File into Printer Queue using uipath


I’m trying to add a file to a specific printer queue to print the file. But unable to succeed in that. while executing it, job are being added in spool status and gone in faction of second.
Can anyone able to help me out?
I have upload my flow aswell

Ukesh Kumar DMain.xaml (13.5 KB) toPrintTheDownloadedAttachment.xaml (59.9 KB)

Kindly have a view on this once buddy

Cheers @ukeshd

Hi Palani,
Thanks for your response :slight_smile: .
I had check those topics, I have imported “system.drawing.printing” as well.
I’m expecting to do the action in UiPath itself instead of using any other tools like “SumatraPDF.exe” like that. I’m trying to print a file of irrespective types like (Image, PDF, Word or Text) based upon the input provided by enduser.
The code which I have uploaded is almost fulfilled my requirement. but the only pending action is to add the file in the specific printer queue! So I have created a new topic in Forum instead of related topics which you have mentioned.


Hello @ukeshd
Following links might help you regarding printer queue.

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Hi Pratikg,

Thanks for your kind support, My issue have been resolved by using Printer activities which you have mentioned.

Ukesh Kumar.D


Hi Pratikg,

Instead of using Printer activities, Is there any other possibilities to do the same action in I have used “Addjob”, But while executing that, Job have been added to printer queue as in Spooling state, in fraction of second, that particular JOB is getting disable in the printer queue. It’s not successfully adding job to printer queue.


I also try to add files into my system for the printing and I found that there is an issue. It shows that my printer is offline but I clearly see that my printer’s light is blinking so does anyone tell me how to fix printer offline. I tried to resolve it but it doesn’t work. Does anyone have any idea how can I resolve it?