Add fields to queue item activities (Add Transaction Item, Set Transaction Status, Set Transaction Progress)

It would be very nice to include the ability to edit queueitem output and analytics data in bulk, by specifying an input dictionary, much like the Add Queue Item activity with the input property ItemInformation:

If we are able to set the output as a dictionary in Add Transaction Item and Set Transaction Status, this will make these activities much more dynamic.

On top of this, adding the functionality in Set Transaction Progress to change the specific data, output, or analytics dictionaries will help to keep track of which states the transaction went through, and what progress was achieved.

Finally, Set Transaction Status cannot set output or analytics on a failed transaction type. I disagree with this design decision - if part of the process was completed before the exception, capturing the output that was generated (say, in a dictionary) would allow for the output values to be used, and there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to add analytics to a failed transaction.

The use cases for these scenarios are very broad, allowing dynamic settings to these item information collections throughout the process, to be used by another process to analyze that queue and make decisions based off of the process’ actions.

What I would specifically use this for is a system that monitors queues that have several parallel performers running, and compile a summary at the end of those performer processes to send to stakeholders and the dev team. Currently our performers send the summary for each instance of the process, which is wasteful and confusing when 10 performers are running concurrently and send 10 different summaries for the same queue/process

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