Hi everyone please I have the below scenario:
-1-Get code from Excel sheet
2-Each code has a data table in the application
3-Extract that data table from the Application for each code
4-Add the data extracted from the application and write it under each code in Excel sheet.
how can write the extracted data under specific code in Excel for all codes?


can you show your input and requested output

as per your request it looks like you need to append data but after the code row instead can create a new file a you need …so after extraction can add a row at the start which will contian the code you search for and then use merge datatable or append range


For example, I have the codes I have to use each one as a key to extract the data table from the application:


after extraction, I want to add this data in the below format:


follow the approach as said above


I have a problem with the extracted data it overwrites the previous data not under each existing cod

Hi Guys,
thanks for your help, Just a quick update, the issue was solved by the below steps:
*- Rade Range(dt1)
*-Assign dt_codes=(From row in dt1.AsEnumerable() Select Convert.ToString(row(“GL Code”)) ).ToList
*-Assign for new data table NewDtaT= New DataTable
*-For each: List of Item=(dt_codes) and Item=code, to use the code for the extraction part.
1-Extract data table from the browser(ExtractDataTable)
2-add data Column: Name( “Code”)+Data Table(ExtractDataTable)
3-Invoke Methode: Opject: ExtractDataTable.Columns(“GL Code”)+Methode Name: SetOrdinal
4-Assign: ExtractDataTable.rows(0).Item(“Code”)=code
5-Merge Data Table: Source= ExtractDataTable + Destination= NewDataT
*-Write Range(to write the data with new format in excel sheet)
this the dt_code:
this is the new format after extracting the new data and merging it with dt_code data:

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