Add existing excel sheet into excel application scope

I opened an excel sheet using “Start Process” and now I need to get it into the “Excel Application Scope”. I know that we need to use a WorkbookApplication variable in the “Use Existing Workbook” option. But am not clear as to how to go about it.

“Use Existing Workbook” requires a workbook variable/argument. You can get the object by creating a output variable on “excel application scope” and providing the file name of the excel spreadsheet. “Excel application scope” actually opens the excel file for you… is there a reason why you are using “start process” to open excel?

Yeah its because with that excel I also enable a couple of extensions which have to be done via start process.

Similar to what your facing?

Yeah its the same issue. I have issued a delay too after “Start Process”. Now I am confused as to how to get the opened excel into “Excel Application Scope” via the WorkbookApplication variable.

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After your delay add an excel application scope and provide it the file name of the spreadsheet instead of the existing workbook property


You can import it into your excel file that you already opened using start process.


I tried this. Its opening a copy of the spreadsheet without the add on. So now I have 2 spreadsheets open

How would I do that? Can you please elaborate


Can you tell me how to add data to an existing excel sheet without changing the previous data,So that the new data which i have entered will be added below the end of the existing row.

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