Add exception for Web data scrapping which loop through an excel row

Advice needed. Below flow shows the actual flow which can handle every data in the excel (row by row).
But somehow some of the data unable to be retrieve from website, so a special window/message is pop up.

How to write the exception in try catch, so that this window will be click away, and then resume the search activities.

This is the pop-up windown that appear which exception is needed to skip this by either click on and re-run the website and the loop thru subsequence excel row

i guess it should appear only after particular action

if that is the case try check app state in element exists (popup appear)

use click activity and continue

if does not appear block leave blank

Hope this helps

You need to take the overall workflow in a parallel scope

Check if the Popup has appeared using element exists

If the Popup exists, from within the id condition, take a click activity and click the OK button