Add excel data into array format

Hi Friends,
I am facing one issue:-

I have one excel containing “abc” as sheet name and want to fetch the data from the two column i.e column1- category and column2 - Keyword

I have fetch the data from excel and now i want to add the data in following format so how we can do this.

[ {‘sheet’:‘abc’,‘category’:‘Automation’,‘keyword’:‘Hello’}]


is expected string a dummy for just illustrating the thre items or should it reflect any particular datatype? Does the excel only have 1 row or more?

Using a dictionary could help.

Hi Can you please give more details , what you are trying to achieve. Let me give you some hint even though i am not sure what’s your goal.
I am expecting that you have used Excel Application Scope to read the sheet name and after that used read range to get the excel data in a data table (as an example data table name is OutDT). Now create one Array and then use for each row activity to loop through each row of datatablea and at the same time inside loop add column values tot the array.