Add Dictionary variable into a Row Index For each Row

Hey guys,

In a for each loop i am adding values of different columns into a dictionary variable. But i want to add an extra layer of information, so each row in the loop has different column values in the existing dictionary variable. So i can take all this information and run the process for each row with different dictionary values.

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Hello Christel!

Maybe try building a dictionary containing other dictionary?
Main dictionary: key is index of row, value is dictionary (of string, string).
Dicionary (of string, string) which is a value for each key: key is column name, value is value for corresponding row and column.

Let’s assume you have following input table:

Please find attached the sample .xaml file how to build such dictionary.
Dictionary of dictionary.xaml (9.6 KB)

You can then refer to each values as follows:

This works pretty much the same as simply referring to for example dtTemp(0)(“column1”)

Is this what you are looking for? :slight_smile:

Exactly!! Thank you so much, Marta.

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