Add data to an excel file to the next corresponding column

Hello guys,

I have an excel file with 2 columns, and now I am scraping the third colum,
how can I append each value to the next column to its corresponding value?

id description catalog_number
6318960 56601G
6318961 56602G
6318962 56603G
6318963 56604G
6318964 56606G
6318965 56609G

Thank you!

Hi Ionut_Frincu,

In which format is the catalog_number data?

If you have a separate table with an id column you can use an inner join.

It is important you can ensure the data is valid.

Kind Regards

Do you want the catalog_number to be written based on id or are you getting the catalog_number in order?

Hello @Che ,the catalog_number is a string, @Lak_Ui I am getting the catalog_number in order, Thank you!

If it is in order and if the catalog_number in datatable format you can directly use write range activity and specify the proper cell number

and if it’s based on the currentrow id?

There should be id in the scraped data as well and you can use inner join as mentioned by @Che

If you can scrape catalog_number data with the id, it’s best to manipulate the data in memory with an Inner Join, then Write/Append Range the new DT depending on your requirements.

Kind Regards

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