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add data row를 사용하는데 해당 문제가 발생하는데 위치를 참조할 수 없다는 말이 어떤 뜻인지를 모르겠습니다
어떻게 해야 할까요? ㅠㅠ

해당 명령어입니다

array row는 이렇습니다

Hi - how many data columns added in ‘DT_Buildup’ Datatable?
is it matching with the number of values in add data row?

please validate the number of data columns and the adding number of data values are same.

This data table is DT_Buildup.

This data table is the data table to run the add data row command

data columns count is not matching with the add row expression input data.
data columns defined as 25… in expression add row expression added 16+ only.
please count with(,) and add all data rows values (like “”) .

make sure all the column length is eqaul to -1
and you have 16 columns in Buildatatable make sure you have 16 in Add data row
cheers @111230

Do you mean to enter 16 data in 16 columns?
And column length is all -1.


16 data entered in column 16.
But there’s an error.

I checked to see if the command was a problem.
It wasn’t about add data row.
I think it’s the problem. Why is this?

I want to bring all the letters in the back from the second letter.
What’s wrong?


I changed the command.
I’m sorry, but that error continues to occur

is IntCount value remains same??

row.Item(6).ToString.Substring(1,Int_count).Trim 을 row.Item(6).ToString.Substring(1,Int_count -1).Trim 로 바꿔보세요.

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