Add data row: Job execution failed

Hi Devs, I am adding data rows to a build data table using linq but UiPath throws jo execution failed because the records are large.Please what alternative should I use?Regards


Follow the below steps it takes time but this will work for sure…

1.Excel Application inside that Read Range from Excel output as dt1.
2.Take one more Read Range from excel output as dt2.
3.Take one for each row in data table. Read first dt1.
4.Take one Build Data table and create the 3 columns like this YourColumn1,YourColumn2,YourColumn3 output as BuildDt
take two assign activities

1. YourColumn1=CurrentRow(“YourColumn1”).ToString

2. YourColumn2=CurrentRow(“YourColumn2”).ToString

5.Take one more for each in data table and read dt2.
take one assign YourColumn3=CurrentRow2(“YourColumn3”).ToString
Take one Add data row activity->Properties ArrayofRow pass the values like this

{YourColumn1,YourColumn2,YourColumn3} and mention dt as BuildDt.

Outside the all for each rows

Take one Excel Application Scope
Write range from Excel output as BuildDt