Add Data Row Issue

Hi I am using Build Data table activity after trying to add row using add data row activity dynamically While using the same I was able to add only row in the data table (Overriding when the sequence runs) atlast only final value only getting appended please assist (Screen Shot will be helpful)

Hey @Kamesh
Need more information to get what you are trying to say… a sample workflow, error message and screenshots will be much helpful to identify


I was resolve that it was because of starting cell was defaulted to A1. Currently I am facing issue Array Row {NTLogin,“WB Access created”} . NTLogin is a variable name but while adding a row in the data table it is adding it as NTLogin itself instead of the value been set in that variable name.

Datatype of your variable? can show via scsreenshot?

Add data row is having two values one value is dynamic and one value hardcoded how to write in build data table. I am using write range activity to write in to build data table

Build Data name : NT_Id_Excel
NTLogin is dynamic Datatype is string

Hey @Kamesh

KAmesh Sample.xaml (7.8 KB)


Hi Akshay

Can you please provide me screen sheet . I am not understanding the workflow. how to add data row dynamically in write range activity. Issue I am facing in write range activity is that in overriding the data value replacing with last value.

HI @aksh1yadav,

I have couple of variables getting generated in runtime… and for each iteration I need to push the row value in data table and again get back to the flow for processing the next set of variables… after complete execution only the last processed row is getting stored in
data table… others are getting overridden…

Please share an example to push row in datatable in runtime…


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Hi @VG00354345

As far as, I can understand from the part of the process you have shared in the screenshot, the problem is that you have put the BuildDataTable activity inside the loop where you are adding data rows to the data table.
It means in each iteration you first create a new (empty) data table and then add a row into that.
Take the BuilDataTable out from the loop and everything should work fine.

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Hi @BhnAmn,

Thanks for your help…
Indeed its working fine now…


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