Add data row-Index outside bound

Add data row-Index outside bound

That means that you are trying to access row that does not exists.
Try lowering index number by 1

Thanks for your quick response @srdjan.suc

I have attached my workflow,Please check where i am wrong.

test.xaml (9.0 KB)

my text file has 56 lines

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i need the txt file also

Text file is not authorized (414 Bytes)

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Yea so the problem is the empty space in your txt file.
You have empty row, then your split item is only length of 1, but in Add Data Row activity you have :


Split item1,2,3,4 do not exists hence the exception.

You should put try/catch activitytest.xaml (12.0 KB)

Did it help?

I gave counter and if condition

if the counter> rowsof text file, then the process should stop.

It works fine

That counter was bad (it practically didn’t do anything)
You are comparing Counter that increments to the length of whole text.
If you want to use If/else statement you should have made something like

IF Splititem < 6 then don’t write the data

okay i will try

I’ve attached the solution , should work with try /catche

Hi Rachel, this demo will help you, this error may occur when we do not use dt1.newrow while using the data row argument in add data row activity. Please check this demo.