Add Data row activity is not adding the data from index position 0


I was using “Add Data row” activity to add some selected data from other excel.

In Array data row property - {“Happy”,“$$”,CurrentRow(“Guest name”),CurrentRow(“Arrival”),CurrentRow(“Commission amount”),CurrentRow(“Commission %”),CurrentRow(“Final amount”)}

Its always starts from Column 3, But the value should add from column 1

Please help on this

Hi @KKsekar

Did you give B3 as the cell while writing?

Can you show the code or attach a xaml here


No i didnt give any cell value

I tried empty string or with data everything it always starts from column 3


Can you try gicing the cell as B1 please


Am using amend range i was not giving any cel value


Then in your excel once delete the first two columns(Select whole of the column and delete by clicking on A and B) may be there are some blank values there and that is the reason it choosing the next range as you have given append


Yes I did the same and its working fine.

Thanks for your support

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