Add data in particular column with mix of 3 variables -using add data row

I want to capture all warnings in application and store in excel

i have used the element exists next 3 case used if condition inside will be get text to capture warnings after that using “Add data row” activity under properties “Array row” mentioned as array all coumns details under last column i need to add all warnings
everytime will not get warnings based on input mismatches cases get warnings- i have 3 cases of warnings used 3 get text activities then have 3 variables

those variables i am just trying to use in add data row under last column…
please suggest wt mistake i did
one thing for happy flow cases all varaibles will be empty

Arrayrow (Properties)
{row(“Buyer”).ToString,row(“Supplier”).ToString,row(“Whs”).ToString,row(“Item number”).ToString,row(“Pln ord”).ToString,(warn_error_text.ToString+warng_text.ToString+warningplnqty_text.ToString)}



This error comes when any of the variable value is “null”, most probably the warning texts when no warning is present. What you can do is that, check if the variable is null using if conditions inside the Add data row activity itself.
So, your input changes like:
{row(“Buyer”).ToString,row(“Supplier”).ToString,row(“Whs”).ToString,row(“Item number”).ToString,row(“Pln ord”).ToString,(if(warn_error_text is Nothing,"",warn_error_text.toString)+if(warng_text is Nothing,"",warng_text.tostring)+if(warningplnqty_text is Nothing,"",warningplnqty_text.toString))}

Please check if this works.
Happy Learning :slight_smile:

yesterday I have changed under variable default value as space " "

it will works or not without any issue

I have used if condition for warning capture place in datatable under Remarks column as like below image
last using
row(“Remarks”) i am just assigning get text variable to that
but my question is like this so many if conditions are their all those warnings entering in remarks column only , while output i need to all data…….
using assign i think it will remove previous one and write new data

is their anyway to append the data in Datatable store
I want to store in datatable with previous data and new data in same column


Before entering the data into the Remarks column, Using an assign activity, append all the warning texts. Like Warnings=warning1+warning2+… And in the end, add all the warnings to the Remarks column. Like row(“Remarks”)=Warnings.

Hope this was your question and this helps.

did as above got exception

Assign: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.


row(“Remarks”) = Warnings(string)

This error comes because any one of the warning contains null value. You can either initialize it with “” first itself, or give a null check before assigning it to the variable.

To understand which variable has the null value, put a break point in the assign activity and when the process stops there, check all the variable values in immediate.