Add data column and pass vaiable

Hi ,

I have a requirement , i need to extract the data from Hyundai website i can able to extract all data but model name i need to add it as a separate column. i can able to add column but am not user how to write model name variable in each cell . if i add add data column when next model is running its throwing error.

Can someone help me to solve this issue better ?

Model List.xlsx (12.8 KB)
TEST.xls (23.5 KB)
Hyndai_.xaml (162.7 KB)

Lawrance A

Hi ,
I can find problem in viewing your xaml and you want add column in which excel “Model List” or “Test” ?


Test .xls is my output file in that i want to add column with model name variable.

Can someone help me to solve my issue ?

I have solved it. Thank you team.

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