Add count of saved attachments to txt file

Main.xaml (6.8 KB)
this is the same file you sent, only with an extra variable, now with a few errors.

Sorry about this, I’m still really new to RPA

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Here is your xaml buddy (10.1 KB)

Kindly let know this works or not

Thanks @Palaniyappan, but I’m afraid still no luck, error when read text file: one or more errors occurred. I can’t see any errors in the file.

What was that error buddy

This is the only error -

“Error when read text file: One or more error occurred”

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Buddy kindly check whether the text file is there in path as in studio…if its correct
Kindly close the uipath and clear uipath in the task list in task manager and open the studio again and run the process buddy @scotthutton