Add connect and disconnect in Robot Setting for Orchestrator instead of reset

After reset, you need to open the setting panel again to connect to the orchestrator, which will be inconvinient for people work with mulfi-tenant when switch tenant.
Hope it can keep the Orchestrator URL after disconnect.


In 2017.1 there are Connect/disconnect buttons, but disconnecting clears the Key and URL, which I agree is pretty annoying.

Really hope it can keep the URL and key… I work for multi-tenant for development.

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Wouldn’t it be a good idea to retain the Robot Key and URL instead of clearing them when we click Disconnect? The status will still be disconnected, but the next time the user wishes to connect back to the Orchestrator, they will still have access to the last used key and URL instead of typing it there again.

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The Key & URL get cleared because the assumption is you want to switch to another tenant, like @tomy said. In this case you want them cleared.

So before deciding which is better, an important question: when/why do you want to disconnect from the server but not clear the Key&Url?


I can think of 2 scenarios -

  1. Disconnect from Orchestrator, either to test a piece of automation on the local machine and then connect back to the same robot in the same tenant, in which case the Key and the URL are the same as before.
  2. To connect to another robot in a different tenant, in which case, the Robot key might change but the URL will still remain the same.


I disconnect to switch to test tenant but then i want to switch back to dev. the connection settings should be saved in a profile. like in sql server management studio.

It’s always easier to delete the key and url than copy them from orchestrator or somewhere.
If it support to input the url and key here easier, that would be a improve of user experience.
My cases are as Amrita said.

Thx! It’s in the pipeline, most probably delivered in SP1

Thanks a lot!

I have set up my project in Uipath made sure it was working. Went to Orchestrator set things up getting an error disconnected. How do I connect?

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Hi Johnal, how did you generate that pop-up window (Settings)?