Add config key/value pair:Column "value" does not belong to table datatable error in init all settings in reframework

value column is there in settings sheet. Please help how to resolve

Hi @vnsatyasunil

Can you share with us the part where you are trying to access the Value column from the data table, also the data table header screenshot, so that we can take a look into this issue?

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in settings sheet columns are like this


The error suggests that the column “value” does not belong & the actual column present is like “Value”. Can you please check the same?

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error is like this.

key error

did you check the add headers while reading


yes I checked add headers. In datatable output data is coming


Can you please open locals panel after the bot has read the config and check the column names to be sure please

And also check for any extra spaces before or after value

Hope this helps



Try to output the data table & log the same, them check for the column name, whether it contains any additional characters like blank space or null value, etc.

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solved. In assets sheet space is there



Glad you figured it out. Happy Automation!

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