Add Column and Modify Value in Extract Data Table

I extract a table from a website.

Table have four columns and non-fixed rows.
cA, cB, cC, cD

I need to do:
Add a serial number(1,2,3,…).
Add a new column for expression result. (2+15*(index-1))
Modify cC to string left A-Z character only.
Copy cD column to cDD.

Result will like:
serial number, expression result, cA, cB, cC, cD, cDD
1, 2, cA1, cB1, cC1, cD1, cDD1
2, 17, cA2, cB2, cC2, cD2, cDD2
3, 32, cA3, cB3, cC3, cD3, cDD3

I try to build a new Data Table and create whole result columns.
Then use For Each Row and Add Data Row, but I not sure how to do a lot modify in Add Data Row.

I have done the question by myself.
I found the assign way from other topic.

For Each “CurrentRow” in Data Table “dt”

Assign each column value in Current row.
CurrentRow(“Column Name”) = What I need to do.

Output Data Table then message out to check the result.

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