Add Collection argument to 'Add Log fields' Activity

Hey UiPath Team,

please consider adding a new input argument to the ‘Add Log Fields’ activity that allows users to hand in a collection Object (dictionary) as an alternative to adding the fields manually one by one, similar to how the ‘Add Queue Item’ activity allows users to supply a variable/argument of type ‘Dictionary(String,Object)’ instead of adding the required fields manually (ItemInformation vs. ItemInformationCollection).

This is currently not possible with the ‘Add log Fields’ activity. Consequently, there is no way to dynamically set the name of a log field.

Having this option would be of great value for all of my customers automations since we are looking to implement this functionality in their automations framework.

Kind regards


Yes please, would be really helpful to add log fields dynamically at runtime based on config or asset values.

For example inside framework we would to add stop watches dynamically for different process steps and overlapping scopes.
If we can log these values in separate log fields it makes evaluation a lot easier in Elastic-Search or Splunk.
But as the labels of the stopwatches is different from process to process we currently have to hardcode the labels.


Thank you for this suggestion @Felix_Rech1, we will consider it for the future version :slight_smile: