Add cell

I need to add cell value

Input is A5 and I want to add 2 to it and get A7 as output


Get data from A5 cell, multiple ways to do it and paste to A7.
1.) VBA Macro get cell value and paste into A7.
2.) Using Hotkeys Perform Ctrl + G, Go to cell A5, Copy to clipboard, Go to cell A7, and Paste the value.
3.) Using Excel activities in UiPath.



  1. If you want to add 2 to 5, pass the input as A5 and
  2. Use IsNumeric method which will identify the number in the string and give you the output as 5
  3. Then add 2 to it


Before For Each activity

Create integer variable as counter and set value as 5

inside for each in Write cell at Range Col use A+Counter

Put Assign activity Counter = Counter+1