Add buttons as options which the user can click and execute certain action

I’m a newbie and doing the tutorial where you extract the first digit of the ID and use an IF statement to show a message box regarding their gender. I wanted to play around with it a bit more to get a bit more familiar with basic stuff. After the message indicating gender appears, I have a second message saying “What do you want to do?” After that message ideally 3 buttons would appear. “Tell me his/her age”. “Tell me his/her date of birth”. “Tell me his/her place of birth”. And the user would click one of the 3.

Is there a built-in activity that creates programmable buttons that the user can click to perform other actions?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @AkisM

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I don’t fully understand what you tried to explain.

You can try to use HTML form here, that should do the trick.




Hi, thanks for your help. However that’s not what I’m trying to do. I don’t want the user to type anything. I want the user to click one of 3 options. Same way that a messagebox shows the user “Ok” or “Cancel” buttons, I am looking for something that will show custom, programmable buttons to the user. Those buttons, upon clicked by the user, should invoke certain activities.