Add and Remove special char from a vendor name

Hi all , i am processing the invoice from that i extracted the vendor name to enter into an respective site, thing is i need to remove or add special characters on it , as per the pre-defined dumped value so that i can pick the respective vendor to go ahead!
eg . case 1:
from the invoice i got a vendor name like ADC Telecommunications, Inc. but in dumped value(say for an example excel data) am having like ADC Telecommunications Inc in this case i need to remove comma(,)&dot(.) from the value where i extracted!

extracted value from the invoice is Alcoa Inc but i in dumped value(say for an example excel data) am having like Alcoa.,Inc
in this case i want to adddot(.)&comma(,)

so how should i do this!
sometimes i need to add a spl char on it , sometimes i want to remove :frowning: can anyone share me the work flow to work on this !


adding the . or , is not possible i mean we can add but exactly at what position that need to add we can’t so when ever string contains the special characters remove .

for case 1 we can use this expression
str_input = ADC Telecommunications, Inc.
str_output = str_input.Replace(",","").Replace(".","").ToString
which will delete the . and ,

for case 2
if str_input = Alcoa Inc
str_output = Split(str_input," β€œ)(0)+”.,"+Split(str_input," ")(1)

this will add the ., before Inc

Cheers @naveen19

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let me try this & get u back @Palaniyappan thanks for a quick response

To remove ,.
String var=system.text.regularexpression.regex.replace(your variable,"[.|,]", β€œβ€)

To add
var=system.text.regularexpression.regex.replace(your variable,β€œInc”, β€œ.,Inc”)

Have a look ,might it will help

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