Add an option in the project.json file to exclude files/folders from the NuGet package


There are files in the project folder that do not need to be packaged into the NuGet package and deployed to Orchestrator. For example, the Test_Framework folder, the Exception_Screenshots folder, the .git folder, or the .svn folder. In fact, sometimes the .git or .svn folder increases the file size over the 50 MB limit such that the project can not be published. The current work around is to delete these files/folders before publishing.

There are several posts on the forums already asking for this feature:


It would be nice to have the option in the project.json file to exclude files and folders from the NuGet package. It would be even better if we could specify file patterns to be excluded. For example:

    "exclude": [

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If the feature is implemented, it will also resolve - Publish ignore

Yes, this is a good thing to have as it reduces the size of the .nupkg significantly. I see an option to do this in the studio but I need to select each file. At least if this can be done at a folder level that will also help.
UiPath - Is this in the pipeline?