Add an Element to an existing Data row

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to add a element to an existing data row depending on a condition weather a transaction is successful or not like this:

I am using the REF and my transaction item is a data row
how to do this?

In for each row ,
You can use write cell or Assign activity for updating value in it
Ex. assign row(“result”)=“successful” if cond meet that requirement else row(“result”)=“fail”

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I will try that out

is it work for you??

how to write it in an excel sheet ?

@Dhruv1594 Once you update the values in Data-Table inside for-each loop as said by pratham, Just write the Data-Table using write range activity after for each activity. But data in excel is overwrite with data in the Data-Table.

Alarm_Text_Fetch.xaml (16.9 KB)
i have uploaded the work flow

@Dhruv1594 what error you getting?

i am not getting any error. But i am not getting the output.

@Dhruv1594 Use break after excel application scope

i have done this will this work?

@Dhruv1594 Run and check once bro

not working. it writes on the same cell again and again

@Dhruv1594 In range of write cell, make sure right variable is incremented everytime this workflow is invoked.