Add a new value to a data table column

Hi everyone, does anybody can help me?

I have a string value “abcd” and a data table variable with 3 columns “column1, column2 and column3” and 10 rows with information so I want to add the string value “abcd” to a new column for each row the string value it will be always the same, which is the best way to solve this ??


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  1. Add data column activity and add NewColumn
  2. Assign activitydt.Columns("NewColumn").Expression = "'ABCD'"



Another approach: Can you try to use DefaultValue property in AddDataColumn activity as the following?



Default value will support for new rows but not for existing rows I believe


Hi @Anil_G

Can you check the following image?


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Tnks, it works I appreciate your help :wave:


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