Add a invoices to ACME

Hi guys!
Just one question, is it possibles to add some invoices on Acme plateform? I tried to add one manually by going to “” and filling all subsequently but nothing. The error message (Your operation encountered unspecified errors. Please verify all the input data, retry or contact the IT Department)

Context: I’m making some demos showcase, and I want to generate some invoices from mail, pdf,… add them to acme.

ty <3

Hi @freeloxxx_lol you can not add your own invoices, if you want to prove what I am saying, on top of Add invoice there is search Invoice try to use your own invoice number to see if you will be able to find anything. The invoices that are in ACME are already in the system that why you can us a TaxID or Invoice number

If you are using the Data in ACME there are two field that are causing error message you stated, guess you should know how much is Tax then untaxed amount is total minus taxed amount.

ty for ur answer @tshedzamclay, it was what I guessed.

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