Add a column from an excel file to an other, to the correspoand values


I’m trying to figure out how to add the blue column on the orange excel file from the blue excel file, knowing that i need to add each value to same corresponding “service” number.

Anyway to do that ?

Thank you !


Use Join DataTable activity to implement this.



Thank you, but need to add only one column from blue excel to orange excel, not the whole file… ?

Hi @maroua301 ,

You can do with the following steps.

  1. Read both the excels to datatable eg. dt1 and dt2
  2. open nested for each loop
    then check for service column and assign the value of column from dt2 to dt1

attached the sample workflow.

sample.xaml (8.2 KB)

Hi @maroua301

Try this steps

  1. Using read range activity, read data from excel.
  2. Use Filter data table activity. In the Filter Wizard,
  • Do not specify anything in Filter Rows tab.
  • In output columns tab, Mark column selection mode to “Keep” and Under columns, add the columns that you want in your output datatable.
  1. Use the activity in the screen shot (It will create a column)

  2. Use write range activity to write the data in new excel/sheet.
    Range = In your case “B2” Don’t Check the Add Header


@manjula_rajendran @Gokul001

Thank you, but that’s not what i’m looking for…


I can see 2 columns only in blue file. Out of that one column is matching with Sevice column in Orange file. So it will add only one column as per your request.


Actually there’s more than 2, i just deleted them for privacy. Is it possible to choose on Join Data Tables?


It’s not possible select required columns in Join DataTable activity.

Once you get all columns then delete unnecessary columns from it.

FinalDT = InputDT.DefaultView.ToTable(False,"Column 1","Column 2",....."Column N")

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