AD related queries

Q1. As a AD user I am not able to login through username and password and can only do so using windows icon. Please confirm if the login through username and password is not allowed for AD user

Q2. After importing a AD group in version 2019.4.4 I was able to see all users of AD group in Users page of Orchestrator.
But now, in version 2019.10.14 of UiPath Orchestrator when I am importing a AD group I am only able to see the group in Orchestrator and not its users

1) The purpose of having an AD user is to import password automatically and not to enter manually.
However the user if it is AD user is added under group and will login using windows icon only.
If the username and password are different from the AD user and has access in Orchestrator you will be able to login.

2) When you import user it initially shows only the group. However once the user of AD logs in to the Orchestrator it will be able to see the users in users tab