Activity works when its on his own but not in the REFramework

So I still get this error I fix a few errors, and this is the last one.
this is my output pane with the error

this is the activity in his invoked state: it’s about the system 1 close

this is the activity itself: System 1 close

this is the activity before the system 1 close in the invoked state order:


Seems like your Logon script never ran, therefore the application never opened. I would definitely suggest that your Close workflow checks to see if the window actually is opened before trying to close it, or set its ContinueOnError to True. Therefore, when the application got closed or never opened, no errors occur.

Also, check this error here:

This means one of your Invokes has an Argument which never was assigned a value.


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Thanks @ClaytonM

but how exactly do i check that:

I checked every argument of the invoked activities!


you need to first identify at which moment the error occurs. You can place a Rethrow in the Catch of the INIT state, which may help. If not, place many message boxes or Debug in steps, until the exception in the INIT state is thrown. Then, this will tell at which point it occurs.

I suspect it’s on one of your Invokes, though. Make sure your IN and OUT directions on the invoke matches the workflow being invoked. But, I think it is because something is coming in empty and the workflow can’t get invoked. You can check each variable by using (variable is empty).tostring in a message box or write line.

If you identify “where” the error occurs, and you still having trouble figuring out what is causing, feel free to post image of some of the code in that place and the arguments inside the workflow being invoked.


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Thank you very very much @ClaytonM

I got some more info i am getting this error it should work fine i think whats the exact problem the variable types are correct!

Here the activity causing the problem! Its about the assign WIList

Cheers @ClaytonM!

no problem.

Judging by that assign, it is using TransactionData. Therefore, that variable must not be set to anything. Can you backtrack your code to find out if anything is getting assigned to TransactionData?


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so i tracked it back nothing assigned to the TransactionDate but i found this! it looks like that maybe the source of some kind!

its an activity before the assign that is causing the error!


and that error is gone no without me doing something!