Activity working alone but not the full sequence


Not sure if it’s a bug or not so I posted here first :slight_smile:

I have an activity “Attach” to target a window application then inside it I have an activity “Click” to click on the cross to close the window.

I played my full sequence -> it’s working.
I replayed it -> not working.
I tried again -> not working.
I did a copy/paste of my activities “Attach” and “Click” into a new sequence file called “Test”
I run the file alone -> it’s working.
I retried the full sequence -> it’s working again.

Of course in every cases the window and the button are existing. Here it’s an example with the cross button but I also got the same issue with a window to open a PDF for example.

Sometimes it seems to be not very stable but I don’t know why …

Any idea ?

can you share the main file?

I can’t. My company doesn’t allow me to share this kind of data.

The whole process is using 12 files…

If you have any idea please shout it :slight_smile:

can you please check the selector?Selector value might have changed during run time.Go into edit selector and try highlighting the attach window.If not highlighting that could be the issue.

The selector didn’t change during testing, the window neither and the highlighting is working… :confused:

would you be able to share the workflow?what is the error message?can you post the screenshot?

The error :

The selector :
As you can see, the selector is valid and the highlight is working…

It’s very strange no ?

can you try adding some delay or any wait activities so as to synchronize the development activity with the application?

Hi @promo did it worked?