Activity to handle multiple outcomes

If click of a web application link produces multiple outputs (for example a pop-up, new page) depending on the input, what activity can be used to handle this. Neither pop-up nor the new page has a standard time by when it may appear or render completely.

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Probably the easiest for you will be to use the Switch activity and base your flow on some variable (you should update this variable depending on the specific input)

Thank you.
What I’m looking for is:
There are two different flows implemented. If the pop-up message appears Bot should invoke the first flow. If new page appears then the next flow. I’m trying not to make Bot wait for any specific control that may increase the processing time.
Within 30 seconds whatever the output Bot should take the respective route like Wait for any of those outputs and act accordingly.

I think one more way would be to use the Pick Branch activities (you can search our Forum for examples).

This way you would create two branches and the process will choose the first branch that becomes available.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for quick responses. I will try using this activity and see if this is a best fit.

Pick and Pick branch activities did the work for me. Thank you for the suggestion.

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