Activity to get state

Hi Team,

is there an activity or library or system function, that gives the state name as output?
State as in re framework states - init, process etc


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I hope there is no specific activity or functionality to get the state or even activity name
But there are few possibilities still
—if we want o know or just register where and which state we are at then in each state let’s have a log message activity as a first activity in the sequence with description like this
“Init state has began execution” which will let us know that we are in Init state and similarly at the end of the state across sequence use another log message activity with string “Init state execution completed successfully”

Like this we can know clearly where we are at along the execution


If we are trying to identify when we get into exception then the sequence inside the state should be covered with TRY CATCH activity where in the CATCH block we can use a log message activity with string like this
Exception.Source.Tostring that would either give us the activity only when exception occurred and got into the catch block

These are the options buddy
Hope this would help you
Cheers @ajmeraj

Well, it may depend on what “State” you are talking about, the State of a Job or the State of a Transaction, but either way, I believe you should be able to utilize the Orchestrator API to return the State of either a Job or a Transaction.