Activity to click on a specific element

I need an activity to focus on the element named “APURAÇÃO- LAUDO” and click on the number that corresponds to the line of this information.

Hi, first do the data scraping of that lines
The output Datatable variable ex: DT1
Now use for each row
For each row of DT1
Create a string variable ex:Str1
Inside for each row
Use get row item activity
And give column property as 4
Now give the STR1 at output property of get row item
Create another int32 variable ex:Rowno
Now use if condition
Use assign activity
Rownumber = DT1.rows.index(row)+1

Now outside the for each row loop
Click activity
And show any line from the lines in your screenshot
Now go to selector
Select the value of rownumber attribute and right click and select use variable
And give rownumber attribute value as
Rownumber = Rowno