Activity to check whether the table is empty or not

Could any one help me with an activity which would check whether the table is empty or not and if empty then it should proceed further.
Which activity would be the best for this OCR or data scrapping activity and checking if its empty…


If it is structured data then use Data Scraping and will give you output as dataTable and say DT.

If DT.rows.count = 0 then it is empty.

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Hi @kartik_sareen

if I understand you correctly you want to check if a table is empty before scraping it?
You could use the activity “Element exists” to check if the first row of the table exists and proceed if that is not the case.
Or follow the advice of @lakshman - scrape and then check if the table is empty. But be sure to initialize the table if you change the name of your variable!


Thank u Lakshman

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Thank you Frank

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