Activity Timeout

Hi everyone,

I am unable run my workflow from orchestrator, but the same workflow is running from the studio.The error I am getting is activity timeout error. Can anyone suggest a possible solution and also why I am getting this error?

I am getting this error in a citrix environment,while scrapping text and click activity.

I’m trying to think if Click activity throws “Activity timed out” exception in any scenario?

May not help you, but I faced this scenario with On Element Appear activity and “WaitVisible” checked, which was working on my Dev machine. But from Orchestrator in Prod due to small screen height, the Indicated element was hiding under the screen and since wait visible was checked, it used to get timed out.

Actually I have tried running my workflow in the same environment(Dev) from studio and orchestrator as well.

I am getting the same error even then.

Anyways thanks for the reply @ vvaidya

The error I am getting is Worklog.txtActivity_timeout_exception.
can anyone help?

Check the send windows messages property in properties panel and also provide some delay before scraping text and check @jkrish1346


I have an Anchor base to find an element and click a drop down. For the first run it worked but on the second run it throws Activity element timeout. What is the issue here?. Why does it run for 1 submission and errors out on the consecutive runs.

Thank you