Activity timeout exceeded error while processing 2nd transactions

In process,used on element appear activity.It is not entering to that activity while processing 2nd transaction and executing timeout error.Can anyone help what is the issue?

Hi @vnsatyasunil,
Btw do u mention that u use “Element Exists” Activity?? I think if it’s not entering to that activity, then your activity has wrong selector. Try to check with UiExplorer to the item that u target to.

Either , selector of the activity is going wrong , if not then adding more timeout can help, maybe sometimes element is taking more time to appear

From on element activity we have to click link.for 2 nd transaction it is failing.i changed selwctor but no luck


Can you share a screenshot of “on element appear” property panel.
Give continue on error as true in properties

If selector as per you is fine, then give a try by adding 3-4 sec delay and timeout to 50-60 sec and also check wait visible property