Activity that run a report based on chosen frequency


New in this forum. I need help running a report based on chosen frequency like daily, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly and annually. This is how imagine the robot would do.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @ct_newbie

So you need to build a process for this ?

Do you have it already and only the conditional logic you are looking for help ?


Hello @ct_newbie ,

If you can give more details about your requirement it will help here.
Do you want to schedule some uipath process or you want o create a process to run some based on the condition you provided?

Thank you for your response, Nithin and Rahul. I need to create a process. I am thinking of using Else If to identify the frequency. I am still researching about how can I make a list of weekly dates appear.
I think I have seen how to put a monthly calendar too.


here is the detail of my work.

I made a combo box with frequency like daily, weekly etc
I wanted my robot to choose a frequency and do an action (sample : a message box saying you’ve chosen daily, or whatever frequency I chose.)


Additionally, if the I chose weekly, i want a list of all available weekly dates for the year to appear. For monthly, I wanted a list of month.

advance thank you to whoever can help.

Hey @ct_newbie

You will need to just build logic for the same.

May be a switch case will be good one to go.

You can try and let us know if you face any challenges.