Activity Table Cell Scope is not Writing the Full Dataset to SAP and Stops Without any Error

I am using a table cell scope activity to write data in SAP table but every time it stops without any error without writing the full datatable. e.g. If I am trying to write 11 data, sometimes it stops after 5 and sometimes after 9

the only time it was successful when I put 500ms delay between keys. Why this activity is behaving weird?



Try setting wait for ready to complete and check also between each row try adding a delay instead of each ley stroke…may be pages are loading while bot is trying to type


tried wait for ready to complete and did not work

tried several delay activities, now I got one thing the scrollmax limit and after exactly the limit the bot stopped without any error

not sure how may I contron it


I dont think we can modify those…even if we modify we might bot be able to use the new modified one…as the selector has this…

One thing you can try is used set attribute and try setting it and then get the element again using find element and check if the property value is changed