Activity Scope in Excel

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I was going thru the docs on data-table-variables and excel application scope (please see the example below:

please see the docs on Data Table Variables. Apparently I cant refer to hyperlinks

I was wondering why the write range activities were placed outside the excel-application scope. I assume that writing to excel falls within excel-activity. Why can’t we put these write range activities right below the Do > Read Range activities?

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if there is no other activity inside the scope of excel like read range or read cell, we can mention the write range activity inside the excel application scope
but if there are any such activity inside the scope, then we need to keep the write range activity outside and the reason the write range will try to open the excel application newly to write the data which will be done easily when placed outside
but when placed inside the excel application scope would have already opened the file in background and while being so if we open with write range we will be getting error the file is opened by another process
so to avoid that error it is placed outside

simple isn’t it
hope this would help you
Kindly corrent me if you find anything wrong
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I didn’t see any example in your post. We will use Write Range Activity inside Excel Application Scope Activity only.

Actually there are two Write Range and Read Range Activities are there. One is workbook Write Range Activity and we will use this outside Excel Application Scope Activity only. For this Activity, there no need of Excel application should be installed in our machine.

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