Activity release: Attended Robot Assistant

Hey Community,

just wanted to let you know that I uploaded my first Component on UiPath Go!

Since it is the first time I open sourced something I would be glad to get some feedback. So if you find it interesting please check it out, rate and inform me if something is not like you imagine it.



Tried it and it’s really cool :slight_smile:


Thanks :wink: please rate if you like it

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Will look to it later this week. :slight_smile:


Can you guide how to use it.

I tried. But did’nt understood what values to pass in each field.

Can you please provide a small overview of these activities

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Hey, sure! (4.2 KB)

Please know that I found a litte bug in my code that made the colors not update when you change the Status of the Assistant. I uploaded a new Version (1.3.1) to UiPath Go, so please donwload the latest Version as soon as UiPath has finished reviewing the new Version. The example is working with Version 1.3.0 that still has the bug included so you can try it out right now.

I hope this helps.

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