Activity related to working life

hello, is it possible:

  1. filter out our unread message in the inbox
  2. Then, in that inbox we filter out the message directly send to the specific people
  3. but, we want to send based on the what department they are in.

For example, email related to resume.
This guy send to that company’s email but not directly to the HR department.
Then, the UiPath will detect the content/body of email and send them directly to the HR department.


We can do the following steps

  1. By checking the Only Unread messages property while using GetOutlook Mail Messages, we can filter only the unread messages
  2. Then by looping through all the mails, and checking from address whether the mail is from particular person or not, we can filter all the users
  3. Then, if the value is from particular address, send to someone, else to some other