Activity Query Entity Records the option for groups is removed

Hi, in a previous version of Data service, you had the option in the Query Entity Records activity to create groups of ANDs and ORs in your query. So what you could do for example is create a query where you could say something like: ((ColumnA equals this AND ColumnB equal that) OR ColumnC equals this)

See image:

However, in the newest version of data service (23.4.1), you can only query on 1 group of ORs or a group of ANDs:


Does anyone know how I can do something like this: ((ColumnA equals this and ColumnB equal that) or ColumnC equals this) in the newest version?

Hey Jordi,

I get those options with the 23.4.1 version of the Data Service activities.
I’d have to guess that previously the query builder was something specifically coded for the query entity builder and they moved to use the built in UiPath filter builder but the version of Studio you are running only has a basic version of that which didnt support grouping yet.

See below on my machine being able to add groups for different conditions in a more complex expression.

Good point, what version of Studio do you have?

I recently changed from Studio Enterprise 23.4.3 or 23.4.4 to Studio Community 23.6.1 as it had a bug fix I wanted that hasnt been released in Enterprise yet, so currently the latest build of Studio Community 23.6.1

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