Activity Outline Missing During Debug

Lately, I’ve noticed that the activity outline for debugging has changed from a yellow colour to blue. Since this change, I’ve also noticed that while debugging a flowchart there’s no outline on the activity that is currently being run. This makes it hard to know which activity I will be stepping in/over next.

I am wondering if this is a bug? I couldn’t find a setting to toggle this anywhere.

Screenshot Below (both from same project)
Outline present debugging a sequence:
Outline Present

Outline not present debugging a flowchart:
Missing Outline


Confirming that this behavior occurred for me today as well using a state machine, running Studio 2019.10.4. Restarting Studio fixed the issue for me. @hejie023 - did yours fix itself on Studio restart?

I’m now on version 2010.10.0 Beta, and it seems to have been fixed for the most part. Sometimes I may still get it during development, but restarting Studio seems to bring back the outline.