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The process is as follows:
the robot must open an application for reports only on working days. the reports are generated on the next business day for the previous one. i.e. on Monday for those for Friday, Tuesday for Monday, etc. in the application itself there is a button to see which date it was generated. the goal is for the robot to press this button and, if a date has been generated, to download the report. if not after 5 minutes press the button again and check. the question, however, is how to tell him “is this date that was generated the last working day?” if “yes” continue, if “no” wait 5 minutes and check again


According to your question, you want to check if the report was generated within the last working day or not.

You can follow the below mentioned steps,

  1. Get current date Day by Now.ToString(“ddd”).
  2. If today is Monday then get the previous working date by minus 3 days from current date. (Ex - Now.AddDays(-3).ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”)). Else, Now.AddDays(-1).ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”)
  3. Match the formatted Previous date with Report Generated Date.
  4. If date is match then continue the process. Else, Wait for 5 min and again check

I have attached the workflow for the same.

CheckPreviousDate.xaml (10.1 KB)

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thank you for your cooperation
but what condition to put so that after 5 minutes to press the button again. I thought to use flow decision, but I don’t know what condition to bet for the time of 5 minutes

@pl.rusinov you can use Delay activity to wait for 5 minutes and then click on button.


you can use below condition statement.

If (Now - startTime) <= 00:05:00

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