Activity not working as written

Hi All,

i think i have not arranged the sequence properly.

Actually i have written the code where in bot open the website and scrap the whole page which is spanning in multiple pages and then come to 1st page and start iteration on each row of datatable one by one and then change the page to 2nd page and do the same thing(iterating on the row) and so on for the rest of the page.

But what it is doing is, it just change page from last to 1st page and click on same row every time and then again change the page to 2 and click on first row.

Flowchart1.xaml (39.8 KB)

i am attaching my code, kindly check

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari,
You can use sequence workflow
Use data scrapping it extracts all pages data (Data Table)
And use for each row activity iterates through all the rows in a data table.

Thanks for replying,

Kindly open my workflow and check my activities.
And let me know if you have any doubt what i am trying to achieve.
i think i am not able to arrange my workflow properly.

Hi Everyone,

can you please help me to solve my issue?