Activity Limits


Are there limits on the number of activities within each bot?
Are there limits on the number of ‘IF’s’ an in IF/Then activity?
Are these structured by the license?

Thank you,

Scott Clark

There is no such limits as far as I know @sclark. Have you observed any issue as such in the studio?

Hi @HareeshMR,

I haven’t encountered any limits on the activities yet, I was just curious. As for the If/Then limit, I am possibly experiencing a bug since a massive IF statement containing 3,000 IF’s is currently not working. The IF arguments were cloned and concatenated in excel before being entered into the If/Then activity. Each contains the ‘Or’ at the end, and the syntax is correct.

Although, I haven’t completely ruled out that there isn’t a bug on my part yet.


Really, are you using 3000 IF Activities in a process ?

If yes then i will suggest you to use Flow Switch activity.