Activity is stuck in Citrix

Hi Team,

In one of the workflow, we connect with sql database and we use click image activity on Job Activity monitor option to get image as output (this will show complete successful job details). But we need to maximize this image. But after performing click image activity on “Job Activity monitor” option cursor is not moving to image output. it feels like cursor is stuck.

I tried delay activity, on image appears, anchor base etc but cursor is not going to that output image.
Please help.

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Can you add a screenshot of Problem?

One of the suggestion which might resolve your problem to record with Hover Image and then Click Image
Sequence.xaml (12.3 KB)

Hi Sishiramishra,

thanks for replying.

But i already used hover image but it is not helping.
that cursor will not move after click image activity.


If image activity helps to resolve this issue.


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