Activity input/text fields blank in automation view, values apparently still present

So this is a strange one. I did nothing out of the ordinary prior to it happening, so have no clue as to what caused it, but a reinstall was the only way I could fix it.

Basically, almost all fields in the flow/sequence views showed their actual value for a split second before becoming apparently empty. If I attempted to write a new value in, it would not register and would sometimes clear the value that was there.

In some cases, I could use the right-hand panel to change the values, but for things like ‘multiple assign’ I could find no way to change values at all.

Take a look at the short clip here to see what I mean: (make sure you change it to HD in the bottom-right of the player)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @TimC,
Thank you for sharing this. I pushed this case to our devs. Can you confirm that it’s the newest Studio version?

Thank you for the response.

Apologies, I should have included the version. I’m running Studio Pro 2020.4.3.


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Hi @TimC - can you also please share the System package version you had in this process?