Activity in UiPath for Pre-defines questions

Hi Team,

Do we have any activity in UiPath for pre defined questions without inputting it manually. like., Input dialog/askgpt activity?

Hello @ydhanabalan

UiPath did not provide a built-in activity specifically designed for automatically generating predefined questions without manual input


  • You can Store your predefined questions in variables within your workflow, and then use these variables as inputs for activities like “Input Dialog” or “Message Box.” While this requires manual input of the predefined questions initially, it allows you to reuse and automate the display of these questions as needed.

  • Or, Store your predefined questions in a data table or a configuration file (e.g., Excel, CSV, JSON), and then use activities to read and display these questions dynamically in your workflow. This approach can be useful when you have a large set of predefined questions.

thank you for your reply, will try this way.

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